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Beach prep!

Last day to get packed for the beach ... we leave tomorrow 9 am! I am so excited ... we will have so much fun. Babycakes spent the night out last night with June's little one Curls. They are hysterical to watch. In love one minute and sending each other home the next. Just like a woman on some days ... eh?

Finished up swim team last night. It was Little Lawyer's last meet of the year. I truly enjoyed myself. He swam great and I was completely focused on watching him. Great medicine for both of us.

Busy day today ... lots to do. But, I do promise you one more post before I go ... pinky swear.

I am sitting at the kitchen table on Lawyer's laptop watching the dogs on the deck. They are waiting for squirrels. At least the wild one is ... my dog Miles is laying on my foot. He always does. Babycakes always defends Murphy (our wild jack russel) when Lawyer yells at him for digging in the yard. "But Daddy, he is looking for a treasure!" Kind of miss that little cutie this morning. Oh ... give me a minute, I'll get over it! Hee, hee!!




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