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Snaps for all ...

Snap time!!! I absolutely love Elle Woods and all things about her. She is too great for words. But ... back on target. I have been selfish long enough ... time to pass on the award!!!
Sippy Cups ... you are too fancy for words. She makes me day with each and every post. Kind of like Fancy Nancy for grown ups.
Preppy Pink Crocodile ... cuz I love her and wish I had used that title for my blog. Super cute name - super cute blog!!! If she was a drink she would be pink and green in a bottle.
Etiquettely Correct ... makes me want to get married again. Still would marry Lawyer (on most days) but I would do it so differently this time. She is so excited about the entire experience and it inspires me!
And of course my girls ... Clemsongirl, Hair Girl and Tahoe Girl ... without you my days would be much less bright!
Pass it on girls ... snaps for all!


  1. Thanks! Now you have to tell me how to get the sticker thing on my blog!

  2. I just started reading blogs today and saw your blog.

    I love the decor!

  3. Lawyer's Wife is the bestest friend. Snaps to her!

  4. thanks for this! I wish I lived in Atlanta - we would totally be friends!



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