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Home again ...

Two cars, nine and a half hours, 11 people, one detour, one large accident (not us) and many tears later we are home. Finally!

I am locked in my room upstairs and Lawyer is on duty. Finally!!!

Here is a recap of the funniest things I heard all week ... and they all came from people 12 and younger!!!

Why don't you ever wear your hair down?
(Little Mister to me)
Why did you grow your hair short?
(His comment the next day)
I have diarrhea of the nose. (Babycakes)
I can't come right now ... I am way too fussy!
I have to wake her up ... I love her!
(Babycakes on Mary Poppins)
They need to make this road shorter or you need to drive faster.
(The Beav to June)
There is drama in your car!! (Hair Girl's C to me)
I will be your wing man!
I askded for tea and did not askded for juice. (Curls)
Don't forget my sunscream! (Babycakes)
Your kid threw something at me!! (Hair Girl's J)
Are you sure it wasn't the vodka talking? (C to June)
My brother has a really large penis!!
(Babycakes to the Hotties on the beach)
*** By the way ... notsomuch! ***
And the funniest part of the week ... laughing until you pee on yourself with dear friends!!
See you next week ...

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