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Sunday musings ...

Great day. Woke up when I wanted to (ok, it was 7 ... so?), unpacked, spent an hour with the family at the pool, enjoyed both coffee and mint sweet tea made by Lawyer and caught up with Clemsongirl. She brought the kids and a basket of goodies for me. Loved every piece!!! I must say my favorite item was a Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner. I installed it immediately after she left and love it!!! I know ... I am simple, what can I say? Who isn't a sucker for a new cleaning item? I tried it out a couple of times before taking a shower and then again right after my shower (#2 for the day).

Great product ... makes the whole bathroom smell super clean. But ... don't do what I did. Do not test it out with the shower curtain open. Total retarded moment. The damn thing sprayed right into my face. Would be remotely ok if I had only made that mistake once ... but no, I did it twice.

I am just saying ...

Packed up Little Lawyer and headed to the movies for a date. He wanted to see Get Smart and I was happy for some one on one time with him. Eleven is a hard age and most of the time he thinks I am retarded (which I am) but when it is just us he thinks I am super cool. So ... more one on one time it is!

We stopped by the big T for a candy purchase. We filled my Mary Kate and Ashley sized hobo with a buffet of happy eats. Bagged candy was 2/$4 and so we got four different kinds. Between the peanuts M&Ms, the almond M&Ms, gummy bears and Swedish fish we were totally set. We topped it off with water for me and Coke Zero for him.

When we arrived at the movies he thought I was totally weird. I asked the concession girl to fill my popcorn bag only half way up to get the optimum salt and butter combination in the center of the bag. Then she filled the bag and I added more salt and butter. We go to the small theatre that makes amazing popcorn. Add in a self serve butter machine and top it all off with an Amstel Light and any movie rocks!!! He did not like the language (my sweet, naive boy) but over all it was pretty cute. All the night needed was Parmesan cheese smuggled in to make the popcorn perfect.

Don't think I won't be packing that next time!!!


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