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Today the beach house is serving ...

So we have eaten lunch and are enjoying our drink of the day on the screened porch. We are relaxing and then heading to the beach for the remainder of the afternoon!!

Sandwich of the day was a grilled number consisting of wheat five grain bread, fresh pear, Havarti dill and frog jam. Absolutely delicious and my new favorite sandwich. I will just need June to make one for me every day for lunch!!! We topped this off with Seagrove Tea and fresh mint. Absolutely fabulous!!!

Oh ... and June says her favorite cocktail is the Shorenuff!!

And there you go ...



  1. Love your blog!!! I am living through you as you sit there enjoying cocktails on the beach. I just got back from a family vacation at Sandestin, I guess not so far from where you are. It's an amazing feeling isn't it, an out of body experience being with good people in a great place (and with cocktails). Enjoy it!!!!!!!!

  2. That sounds too fabulous for words. Makes me want to come right over and join you!



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