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Kate is the favorite ...

Every day is different. Different sandwich of the day for the Mommies and of course a different cocktail. We do not decide until the morning. It is the only thing going that changes for us. Each day the kids get up at crack thirty, watch TV, sing, dance and fight until we go to the beach where they play until they whine to go to the pool. There they play until 4:30, then they shower, have snack, play, eat dinner and collapse into bed. Each day = same story!!

So ... the Mommies vary it up. Each day we make a sandwich of the day out of the supplies on hand.

Sunday - whole grain bread, sliced tomatoes, provolone cheese, basil and dijonnaise with Seagrove Tea
Monday - pumperknickel bread, sliced tomato, pimento cheese with Shorenuff
Tuesday - pimento cheese and wheat thins with Shorenuff
Wednesday - italian five grain bread with hummus, basil, tomato, havarti and avocado with Kate's cocktail

So far Kate's cocktail is our favorite ... you would love it too!!! It was perfect upon returning from a day trip to St. Joe's island where we shelled and hunted for hermit crabs all afternoon. We had a fabulous time and caught at least 50 crabs. Of course ... we left them all behind!!

Thursday ... has not yet been decided, but I am thinking it will have something to go with jam.

I will let you know ...



  1. Sounds like each day is perfect. Yummy food, great drinks and the beach!

  2. Who the F is Kate?

    Wednesday: Cheese and Broccoli Hot Pocket.

    Screw you and your beachiness.

  3. Oh, and how about Thursday being fig preserves and cheese on multi grain?

  4. You are making me really miss the beach! Sounds like you all are having a fantastic time.

  5. Okay you are my new favorite blog. Just call me number 13 or your bloglines subscribers! Having a little get together thins weekend with fresh mint mojitos and mt. gay and tonics!



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