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Our kids are super cute ... that's why we keep them around!!!

Last night as I am tucking Little Mister in he starts fussing at me ...

LM: You won't stay with me, I know it. As soon as I fall asleep you will leave my room. You always do!
Me: Isn't that ok ... you will be asleep.
LM: No, it is not ok. You will leave and go downstairs and get your groove on wif Daddy.
Me: ( a little nauseous, ok ... a lot) What do you mean?
LM: You know, you will go downstairs and and spend time wif Daddy.

Thank God thats all he meant!!!

This morning Babycakes is laying in our bed talking to Lawyer about his day.

Babycakes: Happy Mother's Day Daddy!!! (I loved that part)
Lawyer: Thanks, baby!!
BC: Can you go downstairs and get me a cup of warm milk?
Lawyer: It is my day ... shouldn't you go get me a cup of warm milk?
BC: (Proceeds to burst into tears) But ... I can't ... I am only little!

And there you go ... Happy Father's Day!!!



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