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Relaxing with cocktail in hand ...

We made it! Four adults, seven kids, two cars, two stops and six and a half hours later we arrived in Seaside! It was an amazingly easy trip. Really, not kidding! We left four minutes off schedule and even with the silly traffic (at times) arrived only a half hour late. It was true perfection.

Mary Poppins is a dream come true. As we were unpacking she changed into her bathing suit and whisked the kids off to the pool to give us some space. Not kidding. She rocks!!! We proposed to her. She declined. Her comment "I do not swing that way". Too funny ...

We have unpacked two cars, grocery shopped, made and eaten spaghetti and meatballs and tucked in the kids. We are now sitting on the sofa, totally vegging and drinking some yummy cocktails. This is the life.

Wish you were here ...



  1. *sigh* I was just there 2 weeks ago (minus the Mary Poppins). Have a great time!

  2. Okay, you don't know me except maybe thru Clemsongirl - I am From Russia with Love (Katie). We honeymooned in Seagrove (cuz we couldn't afford Seaside, natch)and have JUST DECIDED TO GO BACK IN OCTOBER AND SHOW THE KIDS MY WONDERFUL SEASIDE (or Seagrove, as we are still reeling from adoption costs, natch). Any suggestions on where to stay that is fabulous? I haven't been there in two years (girls trip) and the family has never been there (Hubs and I = not since honeymoon 8 years ago!!!) Email me if you have a realty co you use there -

    I am SO EXCITED. Post every little thing you do. Go to the Red Bar. Immediately. And Modica Market, please. And Bud and Alley's. Right now. Put on your flip flops. NOW.

  3. Yeah! So glad you're having a relaxing time, you deserve it!

  4. I love Seaside! Another great restaurant is Old Florida Fishouse which is past Seaside. I also loved Cafe 30A, Bud and Alleys and the Red Bar! Oh, I am so jealous! Have a blast!



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