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The skinnies and the hotties ...

We arrived on the beach yesterday to find the pretty people. To our left was the Hottie Family. Dad, Mom, two boys and a girl. They were all pretty. Cute suits, great hair and great smiles. And super nice to boot. We were all envious.

Just as we were getting used to our new neighbors the Skinnies arrived. They were all tall and super thin. Mommy, Daddy, one boy, one girl and twins. They were accompanied by both sets of Grandparents. All super tall, blond with legs that would not end.

So now we have it ... the Hotties to the left and the Skinnies to the right. All of a sudden our cute outfits, matching cover ups and over sized shades seem kind of plain. We all decide we will need cocktails to survive. So out comes the bottle of Vodka (no lie - an entire bottle of vodka in a sand bucket with ice and water to keep it cool) and the gallon of Seagrove Tea. It is June's secret concoction of Sweet tea and juice. We have no idea what kind or the recipe. It just appears in the frig with a note from the Tea Fairy.

So as soon as the fuzzies kick in we begin to enjoy our new friends. I am sure by the end of the week we will all be one, big, happy family!!


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