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So we headed back to the beach today armed and ready for another day with the Skinnies and the Hotties. We had made a new cocktail that we were all really excited to try out. Its name ... Shorenuff. We are lubed up with sunscreen and prepared for a new day. We arrive at our spot and none of our friends have surfaced. We settle in and begin our adventure. It is a glorious day and we are all excited to be out.

After our first cocktail we are in complete conversation. It is a great day. No one has been stung by a jellyfish, the seaweed has pretty much disappeared and the water is glorious. All is well. Here come the Hotties. The kids are adorable, Mommy is wearing a bikini today and Daddy is darling as usual. Today we start gathering information. Yesterday was all quick pleasantries and today we start our week long friendship. June compliments her suit and she is all excited. "Thanks ... Yes it is an Athleta ... I love it too ... It looked a lot better before I was three months pregnant." We all about passed out. Not only is she sweet, gorgeous, but wears a bikini at three months and still has a flat stomach. This will not be going well.

We move on and totally enjoy our day. The drinks are enjoyed and the Mommies decide we are all going to boogie board. It may have been the Shorenuff ... but we had a blast. We laughed, drowned, nearly drowned again and only came in after two bad jellyfish stings.

That new yummy cocktail made us the beach critics. You could not walk by us without us talking about what you were wearing and expressing our thoughts. All I am saying is Tattoo = Bikini. Not such a great combination. And I will also say anyone over the teen age years should NOT be playing chicken. You clearly are too old and have had too many drinks!

The evening was grand ... we finished up our day at the Red Bar in Grayton. The food is fabulous and we had a blast. It has a great reputation and is completely worth a visit!

Today we will be continuing our relationship with the Hotties. He is a football coach and we are fully expecting him to show up sometime this week with a whistle and get us all in shape.

I am just saying ...

(Katie ... Five Seasons is one of my favorites!!!)



  1. Wait one hairy minute! You're hanging out with someone ELSE's Coach?

    I don't think I like that one bit.

    Not one bit.

    Salt water taffy may be my one cure!

  2. oh my word! I LOVE The Red Bar!! It's one of my favorite restaurants in the world!!

  3. Tattoo's in Seaside? I'm shocked. When we were there, everyone was like the "Hotties" and dressed in Lilly or some other cute little outfits. I so loved it. It was my favorite place to vacation.

    (I found you through Green Masterpie. Your blog always gives me a good laugh!!!)

    Enjoy the rest of the vaacation!!

  4. That is so funny, the Shorenuff house is the backup plan for if Mom and Stepfather cannot go. Is that where you ARE? Small world. Is the Beach very far away, say, if you are 7, 5 and 4 (and hyper)?



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