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Little Mister is at Disney World this week. He is in heaven. He called last night, as he does every night, to fill me in on his day. He always has a favorite ride, favorite meal and of course he gives you each and every detail. He has a photographic memory. He can remember anything in full detail after only seeing or hearing it once.

Yesterday they went to Hollywood Disney (MGM). He loved it. He saw the Monsters, Inc. show and Mike (the one eyed short green guy - his description, not mine) was telling jokes. He shared his favorite one with me.

LM: Mom, I have a joke for you.
Me: (On the way to the doctor with Babycakes puking on Lawyer in the backseat) Ok, hit it.
LM: What are the three rings of marriage.
Me: I have no idea.
LM: First you get your engagement ring, then you get your wedding ring and then you get your suffering.

I laughed so hard it was inappropriate. Truly ... it was hysterical! The funniest part was the fact that he had no idea was suffering was and still thought it was funny.


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