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Babycakes and the back alley doctor ...

So, Babycakes is sick. Yuck!!! She woke up this morning fine but progressed downhill all day. When my sitter called me at 1:00 to tell me she would not eat or play at the big Chick I began to wonder. Then she woke up from a nap at 3:00 and threw up. I do not like throw up and apparently neither does she. She was completely grossed out!!! She fell back to sleep, woke up, threw up again and then started complaining of a sore throat. I immediately thought strep and off to the doctor we went. We have this fabulous emergency clinic and I LOVE it. They pamper us and we love them. They close at 7 on Friday and we arrived at 7:20. So off to the other one in the area. I am now convinced this is a front for a back alley clinic and I shall NEVER return.

We arrived and everything seemed to be going well. No one in front of us. (Now I know why.) She took my information and then called me back to the window. Below is our conversation ...

Crazy lady: Babycakes ain't been here for over a year.
Me: Excuse me?
CL: Babycakes ain't been here for over a year.
Me: Yes, that is correct. Usually I take her to another office when she gets sick after hours.
CL: Well, she ain't got a file here anymore. She needs new paperwork.
(fill out paperwork)
CL: Who is the guarantor?
Me: Lawyer.
CL: Is that it's Daddy?
Me: Yes, he is her father and my husband.

At this point I am convinced she is an isolated problem. I am sure she is a lovely person and just needs someone to help her out with her grammar and her customer service skills. I try to move on.

We are escorted to the exam room and Babycakes is burning up with fever. Lawyer is holding her wrapped in a beach towel I bought earlier today. Oh yes, she threw up again in the car. All over her beloved blanket. Tears, lots of tears! The "nurse" takes her temperature and it reads 98.2. Lawyer begs to differ. He is clearly sweating and she is clearly flushed and burning up with fever. The "nurse" tries again and it still reads 98.2. The "nurse" feels her forehead and neck and marks the chart "HOT" in the temperature area. Seriously ... is this really happening? Have we entered a nightmare? At this point I am still convinced that the staff is the issue. I have hope that the doctor will make this experience so much better.

The doctor enters and he is indeed qualified. Very kind, polite, and efficient. We are out of there in a matter of minutes. We have scripts and are on our way.

As we are leaving the "clinic" (I am too scared to call it a doctor's office) the doctor is leaving as well. He hops into his baby blue minivan and heads for home.

Now I am convinced that the whole place is sketchy and I vow NEVER to return!



  1. I hope Babycakes feels better soon!

  2. Poor Thing! I hope she feels better tomorrow and you guys get some sleep! P.S. I got all the "crack" you needed today! Will deliver Sat.



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