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They're 100% titanium!

Little Mister wears glasses ... I believe I have mentioned this before. They are small ovals and they are royal blue. Super cute!! He was diagnosed with binocular vision last May. Without the glasses he sees two independent pictures, one clearly and one fuzzy! I know ... he is special! In so many ways!!! He has worn the glasses now for a year and it has been a rough going. Sometimes I wish he really could not see at all without them so he would be more dependent on them. He swears he can see "the same without the glasses". Notsomuch.

He has lost one pair, lost another pair and later found them, chewed off the end in complete stress when we went away and broken them twice. Like I said ... rough going! This time the arm broke in half. Not sure if that was the glasses fault or his. The people at the clinic love us. Who wouldn't ... they cost $395. They seem to discount them everytime I need a new pair. I am sure the "insurance" on those ran out long ago.

So ... Lawyer takes him yesterday to pick up the new pair. He was really freaking out before they left that he did not want blue glasses any more. I finally realized that someone at school said something to them. (That is a whole new post and I will probably need bail money to get me out when I am done going postal on some child) Since I had already paid for these new ones and I adore them more than life, I was really pushing for him to keep the blue ones. He looks absolutely adorable in them and I love them!!!

Anyway, fast forward to the clinic and Lawyer and Little Mister together. He wants to look for new frames. Daddy says sure, look around and in July with his new script we will get new ones. Little Mister picks out a frame he really likes. Lawyer looks at the price ... $30. Rock on! They get the new blue ones and they purchase the second frames for July. Done. His total for the day ... $300. What? Oh yes ... the price tag on the frames was wrapped around the arm. It said $300.00 ... Lawyer only saw $30. They do some talking (remember they love us) and a deal is struck and Lawyer walks out very happy and Little Mister is thrilled. He has new frames. But please remember they are only frames. His lenses are still in the other blue pair of glasses.

They arrive home and Little Mister looks adorable. Love the new frames. They are the same oval but this time they are gold. He did a great job ... I love them!!! He looks like a smart little first grader.

He wore them all day!!! He got a million compliments. He was grinning from ear to ear. He swears he can see "the same as the blue ones". Yeah, notsomuch! My favorite part of the whole day ... him telling every one he saw. They are 100% titanium. Every. Single. Person. He. Saw!

(Clemsongirl ... I owe you a $20 ... but you can use your gas to collect it! I am home relaxing! Hee hee!!!)



  1. My favorite part is the decal on the lens. Too cute!

  2. Lest you forget to mention he was insisting on leaving the sticker on the left lens I am pretty sure what he was seeing was some assbackwards letters...too cute for words.

    Oh, and the $20? I'm sure it was worth every ounce of effort.

    The pari-mutuel window is open...let the betting begin!

  3. Oh that is too funny!

    So I found this website via another blogger and I plan on ordering a few new pairs for myself in fun styles later this month after my eye exam. Might be worth ordering a few for LM just in case he loses the two new pairs. They start at only $8!!



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