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I can't use that ... it doesn't have my initials.

I am thinking I may have ruined my children with all this free monogramming. Little Mister was getting ready to go to the pool today and Lawyer pulled a freshly washed towel out of the dryer.

Lawyer: Here is your towel.
LM: That is not my towel.
Lawyer: It is the new towel Mommy just bought for you.
LM: That is not my towel. It does not have my initials on it.
Lawyer: No, it says CHAPS.
LM: Well, it is not my towel. My towels have my initials on them.

And so he took his sister's towel instead. He would rather use and hot pink and lime green towel then use a RL one I just bought him.

Go figure.


  1. This is why I don't read your blog everyday!! I already know all the stories. It is what happens when you talk 200 times a day!!!
    PS Where is the SITC blog?
    Carrie + Big = 4EVER!

  2. Tag ... your it! Please list your five strange things you eat.

    And don't be all veggie on me!



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