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Let Freedom Ring

Happy 4th of July!


  1. OK so tell me that is not your house all perfect and cute. Please tell me. I just remembered TODAY, the 4th, that I had a flag thingy to hang on the door for crying out loud! Just puleeze tell me that is an ad or something!

  2. Hi! I was on vacation when you asked about new friends. I have been reading for awhile and have become a big fan of your blog. Was turned on by preppy pink croc! I was reading through your comments from that day and noticed a note about your eating organic as well as being gluten free. We are also organic and my son has been gluten and casein free for five years. I didn't know if you follow the DAN protocol seeing as you posted there was no diagnosis. Biomedical made all the difference with my son who almost lost his dx. (we aked the dr. to keep it seeing as we did not want to lose servicesw at the time) I hope your son does great. I just started blogging so come meet me. Thanks for a great read, you brighten my day!



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