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Toothpicks are not for gentlemen ...

Spent most of the day yesterday with Little Lawyer getting ready for camp. We started at the local bagel shop for brunch and then headed to the Big T and Sports Authority for supplies.

When we were all done gathering I took him to lunch. It is really cool having an 11 year old when you can spend alone time together. Most of the time he thinks I am crazy (hopefully hormones) and doesn't want to spend time with just me. Seems his friends are way cooler. Don't know why ... I can be pretty cool. But, it is what it is.

As we were entering the mexican restaurant he grabbed a whole handful of toothpicks. We then spent the next hour battling over them. Who made the toothpick? Who sat around thinking it would be a great idea to use a sliver of wood to pick food out of ones teeth? I promise you it was a man. No self respecting lady would ever sit at a table and pick their teeth. We rely on our friends to let us know that we have something that needs to be handled.

And that is the way we like it ...

Do not use a toothpick in my presence ... I will pull it out of your mouth and pitch it out the window at 60 mph. Does not matter if you have one in your pocket or six. We will keep doing it until they are all gone. Pinky swear. Just ask my son ...


  1. My boyfriend thinks toothpicks are God's gift to him. Last summer he walked into court chewing on a toothpick (and I'm not talking the courthouse, I'm talking a courtroom) and it took every ounce of self-control I had to not smack him.

  2. Enjoy every moment you can with your little lawyer. We're moving our little lawyer to UNC in three weeks so that he can become an honest to goodness big lawyer and the time flew by entirely too fast.



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