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Babycakes and her wallet ...

So ... Babycakes started preschool last week. New class, new teachers, some old kids, some new kids ... you know the drill.

Well, she has a new wallet. We got it last weekend at Walmart. Oh, its fancy! (not really ... but she loves it) And it is currently full. She keeps filling it with coins. I am not sure where the coins are coming from, but I can only imagine. She is probably robbing all of us blind right under our noses!

Well her best friend Curls has been complaining all week that Babycakes is not playing with her on the playground at school. They are in different classes but they share playground time. Curls' mommy (June Cleaver) explained to Curls that it was ok that they have other friends and that she should keep trying. You know all the sweet things you say to a child when you don't know why her best friend is dissing her on the playground at school.

So I asked Babycakes why she wasn't playing with Curls ... she is, ofcourse, your best friend and you are hurting her feelings. Babycakes said she has a lot of new kids in her class (not really) and they all want to play with her and she is trying to share. Ok, that is cute ... I was satisfied for the time being. I told her she needed to be sweeter to Curls and share her new friends with her best friend. Seemed like that situation was handled.

That is ... until I realized she had been sneaking her wallet to school. I asked her why she was taking it to school. She said she was sharing her money with her new friends on the playground. Well, of course she has a line of people wanting to play with her. She is paying them.

That will end fast. She will getting randomly searched before she leaves for preschool. There will be no wallets in our school bag. Or any other contraband for that matter. And I am thinking her "new" friends will be playing with others and she will be back to playing with Curls real soon!



  1. That's really funny! Kids do the silliest things!

  2. how cute, i remember when my nieces had their 1st purses and how proud they were to carry them all over the place - even if they only had a penny inside! too cute!

  3. That has to be the cutest thing I've ever heard!



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