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Happies for the littles ...

Little Mister had a great week at school. Oh, this is good news. I mean don't think his struggles are over ... we just had a good week. We are just celebrating the week and living in the moment!

So, that said, it was a great week. So we decided to celebrate. He got to chose a happy. His choice ... Build A Bear. Ok, really? This is almost as bad for me as Chuck E Cheese ... but it wasn't about me, it was his happy.

Lawyer and I played rock, scissors, paper and he lost ... so he took him and Babycakes to the mall. My job ... laundry and straighten house. No biggie!

So, off to the mall he went ...

I will let him tell you the rest ...

As for the rock, scissors, paper contest - those hands were marked.
Anyway we get to the mall and proceed along the second level to find Build a Bear - only it is on the first level. Not such big deal except that Babycakes walks by the "little girl" store and becomes fixated. Call home, to ask Mommy are you sure this place is at this mall. Proceed directly to first level. True to the male hunter instinct, Little Mister walks in, surveys his surroundings and collects his kill. Elapsed time 90 seconds. Cool. Fill the bear, put a heart in it, give it a bath, give it a name, pay the cashier. Elapsed time 6 minutes. Awesome we're out of here. Then the eyes, the pout, the quivering lip - but Daddy what about the little girl stuff? SO CLOSE. Back to the second level and into the 20 x 30 coffin filled with little plastic crap that makes a 3 year old girl's eyes bug out. True to the female instinct - her shopping method is "experience the moment," so she circles the store not looking at the merchandise but examining the other shoppers and what they are doing. Elapsed time after first circle - 5 MINUTES. Next lap, Babycakes pretends to look at merchandise but still is checking out the other shoppers. Little Mister and I look at each other and try to make the best of it making suggestions hoping a selection will be made. Elapsed time after second circle - 10 MINUTES. The hunter instinct takes over both Little Mister and Daddy and we forcefully begin pointing out possible selections - OF COURSE none of them are "just right" - elapsed time - 15 MINUTES. Having watched at least 4 other mother daughter combos come into the store, make a selection and complete a purchase, Daddy lays down the law - you have two minutes left to make a selection or you are walking out of here empty handed. OK did I mention the eyes, the pout and the quivering lip? There you go - elapsed time 20 MINUTES. Are you kidding me? Did I mention the store is only 20 X 30? Finally, Babycakes selects a made in Taiwan change purse. I look at it making a mental not to myself that the store must be making at least a 10,000% profit. Do I care, no - here's the money keep the change and we're out. Elapsed time TWENTY-FIVE (25) MINUTES.
From now on, the hunters shop together and the wanderers can fend for themselves.
oh yeah ... sucker (hee hee)


  1. no maam. funniest ever.

    how about the reward for next week is ryan and jack get to spend the night.

    ha. now it's out there for everyone to see. i pawn my children off on others.

    but, i may invite myself as well. something about the LW's house is just better than the Casa de Chaos.

  2. That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. It's so true ladies need our time to survey to be able to make just the right purchase. LOVE IT!!!

  3. My daughter has not yet discovered build a bear...I am afraid!



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