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San Quentin

Oh yeah ... you read that right! We are now the home of San Quentin ...

Why you ask? Well ... here's the story!

Little Mister and a little boy named Denver (yes that is his real name!) got into a little altercation and instead of telling someone he needed assistance Little Mister decided to handle his problems by himself and punch Denver in the jaw.

Yes ... you heard me ... punch Denver!

He spent all of yesterday with the assistant principal and was threatened by Lawyer within inches of his life.

Let's hope today goes much better.

If not ... he will not be leaving his room ... EVER AGAIN.

But ... on a positive note ... all the kids in the neighborhood are lining up to be his friend. Apparently he takes care of business!

I am just saying ...



  1. Awww! Poor Denver! Little Mister is a force to be reckoned with!

  2. I'm headed in the same direction with our youngest son. He's 2yo and is always into something at daycare. And then to top it all off he says, "I telled Grant to be nice or.. POW! Right in the kisser!"

  3. Must be in the water. Mary Austin got a frowny face on her paper for pushing a "friend" at school. I use that friend term very loosely. When I asked her why she did it she replied "Well, she told me that I was not strong so I showed her that I was." I nearly wrecked the car trying not to laugh. She too spent the rest of the afternoon in her room.

    Cannot wait to do the WICKED swap!! I have too many ideas!


  4. He's my hero! I bet Denver deserved it!!!! LOL



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