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School 101 ...

So as you have noticed my posts have been sketchy lately. I have been working (tons) and getting the boys ready to go back to school. Oh yeah, it sounds easy ... but notsomuch!!!

I have one going into 1st grade and one starting 6th. That is really not the crazy part. It was the uniforms. Now let me start by telling you that Little Lawyer attended private school from K to 3rd and then we moved him to public school to help us support Little Mister. Oh yeah ... he was really happy!!! NOT!! He has been mad for about two years. But ... he pitched it and helped out and now he is going back to his favorite school.

So, obviously none of his previous clothes fit so we had to buy all new. Got online, bought the uniforms, all was going great. That is until it arrived!

Here is what I ordered (and the problems):

3 Navy polos (no issues)
2 White polos (no issues)
3 Khaki shorts (waist too small would not button)
1 Navy short (waist too large and slid off as he walked)
1 Navy pant (crotch hung down to knees which makes for a great look)
1 Tie (very used car salesman short)
1 SS Button down (would fit a 4 year old, maybe)
2 White pairs of tennis shoes (too narrow)
1 Pair of Bucks (no issues)
2 Belts (no issues)
Dozen white athletic socks
2 Pairs of Navy socks
2 Gym uniforms (need spanx)
1 Sweatshirt (perfect, finally!)

Totalling $1,000,000 (well, it felt like it)

So ... they arrived four days before school started and we had to fix it all. Three adults and three different lists and one million phone calls between us later and he was right as rain. That is until day lights savings time when I have to buy a vest, sweater and four more pants.

Good Lord!!

The good news ... he is so happy he can barely contain it. It does my heart good ... he earned it!!!



  1. Oh, it was such a treat to read about school uniforms! It was always my favorite time picking out new pants,Oxford white or blue skirts with or without pleats, and new shoes!!! Have a fabulous day!

  2. That is awesome that he wanted it and worked for it - good for him!

  3. I love your "very used car salesman short" comment regarding the tie...PRICELESS! And, the need for spanx under his gym uniform...OMG...TOO FUNNY!

  4. Miss Pink, this certainly brings back memories for me of looking through catalogs and then ultimately going to get the required attire. Especially that awful, itchy plaid uniform and uniform skirt...I hated it!

    Cool post!

  5. Good lord! I'm going to have to home school Landon! LOL!



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