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Happy Meals ...

This is truly the funniest blog I have ever read. Lawyer and I catch up about once a week. Yes, he reads a lot of them ... especially his Clemson Girl!!

So tonight we are catching up on her current week and we get to this entry. I am reading the entry to him as he is sitting next to me enjoying a beer.

He takes a sip, I read the conversation section and he ...

spits his beer ...

Everywhere! It came flying out of his mouth he was laughing so hard!

I laughed so hard I actually peed in my pants.

Yep, really did!

I am telling you ... she is funny!



  1. hillarious, i can't imagine my husband reading my blog or anyone elses for that matter! ha! ha!

  2. Be sure to check in with my blog for Tuesday's's award time!

  3. I love her blog too! I try and refrain from a daily read and catch up all at once on the weekend for a good laugh.

  4. OT....Can you help me get in touch with my swap partner?

  5. I love her blog too. She's hilarious!!!

  6. HILAROUS! I'm gonna have to add her to my blog reads.

  7. She is brilliant...I love her!
    The Chuck E. Cheese post was priceless.



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