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Does this just happen to me?

Last night Lawyer was headed to a late meeting. As in ... dropped into the house at 6, changed cars, and headed out. (Cute Jeep with a soft top is not so good in a thunderstorm!) He was in the house a total of 3 minutes. And the entire time he was in the house he was on his cell phone talking to a client!

So, he calls me after he is on the road to the meeting for a quick chat. He overhears me telling the kids that the shrimp is hot and to eat their vegetables first.

Lawyer: Who are you talking to?
Me: (the lovely people I have invited over for an impromptu dinner party) The kids.
Lawyer: Who made shrimp?
Me: (the chef) Me.
Lawyer: Who is eating the shrimp?
Me: (the a listers on the dinner party list) The kids.
Laywer: Oh, ok I have to run. I will be late!
Me: (Ya think? It is already 6pm)

Seriously ... are you tired? Or just silly?

Who would I be serving dinner to at 6pm except for the kids? He obviously thinks I lead a glamourous life and was not feeding the kids (only two, Babycakes fell asleep on the sofa) in my pjs and flip flops with terrible sinus headache and a large sweet tea from McDonalds!!!

Atleast he thinks I am fancy!


  1. it doesn't just happen to you. we don't have kids yet, but my lawyer husband has a one track mind until about 8:00 p.m. crazy!

  2. sorry about that! unfortunately, i think the situation is very common.

  3. How do I place an order for your cute stuff?

  4. oh, i hope you enjoyed your McD's sweet tea! yummy, can't beat it for $1.00!!

  5. The way you tell this story is too funny...I'm sure it's a little annoying, but you make it just seem humorous :)

  6. I, too, am a lawyes wife. I HATE those phone cals that you get at 6 saying I'llbe late. I really needed to know that at 5 so I could gear up for dinner, bath and bedtime!

  7. i am glad to know that this doesn't just happen to me...and even more impressed your kids will eat daughter still refers to them as nemo's friend...don't you jsut love pixar

  8. Those silly questions either crack me up or irritate me to death...depends on my current mood!

  9. I swear I get the same stuff and it makes me want to murder somebody!



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