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Oh yeah ... I can rally!

So ... been feeling quite under the weather this week and it has put a huge damper on getting things done. You may have noticed that I am a run around with my hair on fire girl. I can pull together this house (rather large) in about 90 minutes. We are talking beds, empty trash, Windex problem areas, light well placed candles, straighten toys, fluff pillows and other random items that seem to bring our home full circle. Nothing says tidy like my house after an hour and a half of focus. Well ... notsomuch this week.

Daddy has been taking care of the evenings and it was getting scary!! I am talking really scary ... like dvds out of their cases, trash in the basement, apple core in the bathroom trash ... SCARY!!

Please do not misunderstand me ... he was a huge help, but he is no Consuela. Yes shug, I know you can be ... but only on the weekends.

So, after the haze of being sick wore off it was time to bust a move. So at 10:00 am yesterday morning I began ...

Five loads of laundry - washed, folded, sorted and put away
Trash gathered
Basement scrubbed
Guest room made up for parents (coming soon)
DVDs all in their proper cases and back into ABC order (hell yeah, how do you store yours?)
Den straighted, dusted and pillows fluffed (yes shug I know you did the fluffing ... but do bees really fly upside down?)
Kitchen cleaned
Car unloaded of its random crap
School paperwork filed
Cookies baked for after school (Oh yes, I can definitely be Martha Stewart!)
Fall swap package shipped
Relax on couch for 1 hour

And all of this done by 2:30! No lie ... my house looked awesome and totally back to its regular state. Just the way this type A control freak likes it ... smelling good and tidy!

And it did help that the ipod was blaring and every so often it played on of my favs ...
Crazy Bitch!!!



  1. ahhh, you were playing my song.

    and for the record? your house is always tidy. always.


  2. Yes, I store my dvd's in ABC order~ you are not the only one who is OCD about random household items. If you want something done right, do it yourself!

  3. too funny! if only we could program our husbands!!!

  4. you go girl...!!!glad you are feeling better. share your fall swap package ideas!



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