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In the spirit ...

... of strange things husbands say ... here is my newest conversation!

Last night I was really sick. Throwing up, hot, back ache, the whole nine yards. I am not sure if I had a bug or the end of the migraine of the century, but I am not 100% today.

Enter conversation this morning ...

Me: (Feeling all yucky and looking for a hug!) What made you fall in love with me?
Lawyer: You have amazing eyes and you are good people!

Come again ... good people? What do I do with that?



  1. good people, yea where did that come from? ha! ha!

  2. I just came upon your blog and I love it!

  3. You are second blogger I have read about that has had a migraine, me too. I hope you are feeling better. I take Maxolt for mine and it works pretty good, pain goes away quickly, still feel a little washed out but you can function with it.

  4. and you're thoughtful, kind, generous, loving, patient, caring, smart, gorgeous, reliable, trustworthy, funny, and....tidy.

    which is what he meant to say

  5. I guess its better than "you have good breeding hips"

  6. I am laughing out loud...not at the sick part (I'm so sorry please please feel better soon) but at the "good people" part. That is pure tee adorable!

  7. good people: someone who possesses the qualities of kind, caring, sometimes tough, thoughtful, loved by many...and the list goes on. It says a lot for you around here to be "good people".

  8. That reminds me of a line from Steel Magnolias. Clairee says to Shelby, "That Jackson is good people."

  9. Good people are people that come from good blood - most of the time it means the family from which he or she came has a good reputation. My mom and dad always wanted me to date someone that was "good people"



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