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He is not so much worried about me ...

I have mentioned before that I take medicine for anxiety. You would take it too if your sweet baby had special ed issues. I take it every night unless I pass out from exhaustion and forget to take it!

Last night I fell asleep and forgot to take it. Apparently it was noticeable to Lawyer who asked me about it. It could have been because I snapped at him once or twice this morning. But I assure you it was his fault.

So, his says to me ... "Did you forget to take your medicine last night?"
Me ... "Yes, why?"
Jack Ass ... "I was just worried about you ... that's all!"

He is worried about losing his head and various other parts of his body if he does not behave!
And he should ...



  1. I have a similar story...last year after a dr. told me he didn't know if the damage in my feet would stay the same or get worse from the radiation damage to my spine I was worried and frightened I could end up in a wheelchair. I said to my hubby, "promise you won't leave me". silence. "promise, you won't leave me". And not "of course I would never leave you, I love you so much." My hubby said, "of course I would never leave you. I don't want to wake up with an ice pick in my back." Nice! I told him not to worry that I would Heath Ledger him instead. My friend and I wanted to make t-shirts that say "my mommy hearts ativan"

  2. Girl, I call my anxiety pill my "Randy Pill" which just happens to be husbands name, coincidence? I think NOT!

  3. I believe Zoloft should be in the City of Columbia water supply.

    It is the only thing, other than Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade, that is getting me through early menopause.

    I hear you preaching sister!

  4. Oh I have so had this same exact conversation with my "husband" and I use that term loosely these days!!!

  5. Aye. We'll mend that 'tude with some Dietwhateversonsale...and some gossip.


  6. Does Monogram Me do any tote bags? I'm looking for the perfect school bag...

  7. I don't take it every night but I broke out my "flying pills" about two hours ago after the 12th call from our children trying to get us to solve their problems long distance. I love them more than my own life but today turned into a double ativan night!!

  8. I've been there! If I forget to take my anxiety medication, my husband is the same way. If I'm grumpy AT ALL he asks if I forgot to take it! No... just pick up the socks!!!!

  9. Before getting in the Mortgage business I taught for 8 years. 4 and 5 year old kindergarten. I have a special place in my heart for special needs children and so does GOD, they are the sweetest children, a handful at times but always so LOVING and TENDER-HEARTED! Keep up the good work, you sound like a sweet mommy

  10. I hate it when he asks me if I've taken my anxiety medication - just makes me even more anxious! Ughh...and it bothers me so much that people can actually tell when I'm not on it.

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