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What a week ...

Seriously ... I just made my to do list and it is scary!!! This has got to be one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time!

1. Junior League Mistletoe Market prep (only one week left!!!)
2. Mom and Dad arrive Tuesday pm (that is a whole other post)
3. Little Lawyer goes on overnight trip Wed and Thurs with school (Thank you Chickfila)
4. Little Mister sleep study on Wednesday night 7:30 pm - 6:00 am ... oh, that will be so much fun!
5. Little Mister has renal scan Thursday morning 8:00 am - no school for him to reward him for how mad he will be after spending all night at the hospital!
6. IEP meeting Friday morning 7 am (and I am not leaving until they crack)
7. Two kids with no school on Friday - WTH??
8. Listen to Lawyer bitch every single day before meeting at how mad he is at the public school

Junior League show, IEP, overnight trip, sleep study, renal scan ... oh my!!!

I will definitely be posting all week and they will be split your side funny ... how do I know? Because if I do not laugh my ass off all week I might start drinking tonight and stop Saturday morning!!!

Stay tuned ... MPM


  1. Aye. At least you've got a good little work horse to help you...

    I am your B this week!

  2. hang in there...i make a killer martini too its called the "shopaholic", which might not apply THIS week but is tasty nonetheless!

  3. Good Luck!! What a week you have. I will check back to see how it is going!

  4. I hope your IEP meeting goes well. I taught school for 33 years...I was always totally 100% with the parents, and most importantly with the child, to do whatever was needed. Good luck!

  5. ACK! Hang in there and if not swing on over to B'ham I have the makings for top shelf margaritas and vodka tonics

  6. My mother and I want to go to Mistletoe Market. Is it worth going on Wed night? We've heard going earlier is better for selection. Also if we didn't order tickets can we get them at the door?

  7. IEP meetings suck, and this is coming from someone on the other end of them! Good luck and good for you for "not leaving till they crack!" That's what you need to do! :)

  8. Bless your heart, that sounds like too much for one week. Sounds like you have a good attitude to get through it. Hang in there!

  9. Yikes...that's a scary week! I give you permission, drink it up!



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