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um, excuse me, Mrs. Smith ...

Our bus stop is outside of our house. Very convenient for us!!! Every morning we get to catch up with dear friends and neighbors. One of the friends in my village, Lefty, is there every morning with her son and her three year old. Every morning Babycakes asks her if she can have a play date with her younger son. Lefty is an attorney and works Monday - Thursday. They have a standing playdate on Friday mornings. Lefty reminds her every day that it isn't Friday and everyday Babycakes counts down until Friday morning.

So, it is Friday morning and Babycakes is packed up and ready for the playdate. We get to the bus stop and Lefty is not there. She is still at the house. Lefty's husband is there with their son and Babycakes is ready to go, toys and all.

The bus comes and goes and we are all splitting up for the day. Lefty's husband is headed home and I am headed back inside the house.

Babycakes giggles and says ...

"Um, excuse me ... Mrs. Smith ... aren't you forgetting me?"

I am sure that he will be thinking of that all day.

Because it happens all the time ... she calls him Mrs. Smith.

I know I giggle!!!




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