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Happy Halloween ???

Oh, I love Halloween!!! The decorating, the candy, the costumes, the excitement. Every single minute of it ... I love it all!!!

But this year was rough and got even rougher ... and now I am sad. My favorite holiday is over and I am bummed out.

Let me start at the beginning ...

The kids have viral pink eye. They have been home all week. Fighting, grumbling, watching movies and hours and hours of TV and .... talking to me!!! All week they have been in my space (during regular school hours) and wanting to talk. It was great for about two days and then got really old!!! We went back and forth to the doctor (twice) filled numerous scripts and still their eyes remained red and they remained home!

Fast forward to Halloween night ... we have not carved pumpkins (very sad) and my parents cancel their trip for the weekend (not shocking!). Who would want to come and hang out at the red eye house??

We all line up in front of the house for the Halloween parade ... about 300 hundred people and a fire truck to lead us. It is magical!!! We all head out following the truck headed to the clubhouse for a picnic dinner. Little Mister is a little a head of us in the parade with one of his friends. The parade is on the street and he and the friend are on the sidewalk. Easy enough ...

Until we round the corner to the clubhouse and he completely disappears. I mean ... poof ... he is gone! Are you kidding me ... we fan out and start looking for him and it takes forever to find him. Finally we do and he is sitting with another friend eating his dinner. He has his back to us and I must have passed him a million times but never noticed that he was sitting there. They had an Indiana Jones and so did we and nobody was the wiser.

I have a little breakdown ... we all rally and move on. But no ... it gets worse.

The entire neighborhood starts trick or treating together. We all head out. Lawyer heads home to give out candy and I am in charge of the trick or treaters. My kids are so cute ... they are holding hands and going from house to house together and all seems perfect again. Until ... three houses up I am watching Babycakes trick or treating with her cute little friends and then I notice that Little Mister is heading off to the next house without us. And then the next and he is getting to far for me to watch. I panic ... but only a little because our house is only a couple more up and Lawyer will catch him when he arrives.

But that is not what happens ... Little Mister does the slip up and takes off on his scooter to t&t on his own. Are you for real? Here we have a 7 year old on his own in a large neighborhood without any of us and anyone else he knows. I panic!!! Lawyer takes off in the jeep and it is an hour before he surfaces. An hour. I am now drunk ... and at times ready to puke in the bushes and still no Little Mister. Finally about an hour later he appears ... scooters right up the driveway and says ... Hey Mom!

Are you kidding me ... I cry, yell, hug him and spank him ... I mean he took off. Alone. In the dark. With no one!!!

The evening is over ... at 7:30 ... OVER! And this leaves me so sad. But ... my baby is home and he is safe and he will be 40 before he leaves my side again.



  1. Glad he is safe and sound...sounds like a typical Halloween around here, why can't it just be "perfect" for one night i tell ya...

  2. Dear God in heaven!! It freaks you out, because they all LOOK ALIKE!! Well, glad everyone is safe.. A friend of mine was driving around with an OBAMA mask in her Mercedes scaring the living shit out of children!! LOL!!

  3. I lost the little girl in the neighborhood t or t mob for about 5 minutes last with a bright yellow costume?...freaked out! You must have been out of your glad that all is well!

  4. That's the scariest Halloween ever! I'm so sorry you had a such a rough night. There is no other panic like when a mother can't find her kid.

  5. So terrifying, I know!!! Even with me and DH following the kids around, my youngest needs 6 eyes on her...unfortunately, we only have 4. Glad everything is okay!!!



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