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Halloween 2008 ... the party pics

Hugh's new bunny and Jane Fonda

Jane, Medusa, Playboy bunny and Snow White ...
(looks like I may have already had some Swamp Water ... or at least my ears did)

Hugh Hefner and his new bunny ...
(you are missing the best part ... he is wearing silk boxers)

Jnae Fonda and Richard Simmons

Our hosts ... Medusa and Officer Dangle
(his shorts were so tight and so short ... and hysterical!!!)
We all had a blast ... thanks for a great evening and lots of laughs ... and a terrible headache!


  1. My stomach is still crying over that Swamp Water!

  2. Way too cute. Love Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. Medusa and officer Dangle are way too cute also. great costumes.

  3. Where was the COACH? Baseball, oh I forgot he doesn't like pics because of his job, I was just hoping for another sneak peek!



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