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People are asking ... where are you?

Where am I ... buried under sick kids. It is now day 14 of a sick child. They just keep trading out as to who is sick and what they are ailing from ...

Todays update ... Babycakes who is throwing up and has an ear infection.

And yes ... I can diagnose this because I am now a doctor.

Or should be ...

Rescue me!!!


  1. I am so sorry, but I know MOM stands for Master of all Moods!! Hope you all are on the mend soon

  2. Dear god! I totally feel for you and I hope everyone is on the mend SOON. Sending get well vibes from up in Boston.

  3. Pnuemonia will throw you for a loop. When Jack had it...well I won't tell you we ended up it the hospital with metabolic acidosis from the vomiting...

    At least you'll be able to bust out some serious Christmas online shopping! :)

  4. You are funny! Come back soon, I enjoy your posts...
    Miss Janice



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