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Some housekeeping ...

I am SOOOO behind with thank yous ... like super behind and it is not good. I wonder if Oprah ever feels that way. Do you think she sits around and says ... "Man am I behind on thank yous!" No ... she has people for that. She has people for everything! I can not even get Consuela to clean the bathrooms she is surely not going to tackle my long list of thank you notes!
Here is some catch up in that area ...
The adorable Gifting Gumshoe has blessed me with these two adorable awards! They are both so cute. And the first one looks like Little Mister doing his homework. I love it even more.

Love them both ... thanks for thinking me and liking me enough to remember me on the day you gave them out!
What day would not be made better with an award and a little ... "Hey, you are super cute!"

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