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Small town America!

Took Little Lawyer to Alabama this afternoon to meet my parents. He is going hunting for the weekend. Now ... just hold on. Don't let me burst your "I thought she was preppy and not like that" bubble. I am just that preppy and not like that. I am vegetarian ... remember? But my Dad loves to hunt and has inspired passion in my 11 year old. But please let me draw the photo for you ...

My baby sitting in a hunting house on land belonging to a friend of my father's dressed in his Lands End jeans, long sleeved t, monogrammed sweater, all weather boots and his camo jacket and hat.

Like I said ... not red neck at all. It is actually quite hysterical ... but he loves it.

Where was I? Oh yes ... I dropped him in Anniston, Alabama ... two exits and quite country. The only perk is a TJMaxx that never gets picked over except by me every couple of months. Pretty awesome until you can no longer listen to them call it a "fittin room". So I am talking to Clemsongirl on my way home after purging the Maxx and I am perusing the exit signs for a bit of dinner. She is thinking it does not look good!

My choices ... Waffle House, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Captain D's, Arby's, Martins (scary), Huddle House and Wendys ... not looking good for this fussy non meat eater ... but wait? Is that a Lucky Buck ... Yes ... I am in luck!

My dinner ... Grande Nonfat Latte and a bag of peanut m&ms. Dinner of choice for vegetarians in small country towns!



  1. As a loyal reader who happens to reside in Anniston....but who used to live in Atlanta....we prefer living here -- no traffic, reasonably close (~1 hr) to Atlanta or Birmingham, and people who are still friendly and genuinely Southern. Oh yes, and life is much better here since we got that TJ Maxx and Starbucks! :-)

  2. My new "Yankee" friends laugh at all kinds of things I say and "fittin' room" is one of them. I think when I say "fixin' to" it really blows their Ive League minds!!! I spent the first 11 years of my life in po-dunk Alabama; my "interesting linguistics" cannot be helped!

  3. That's too funny. My Dad and hubby always talk about taking my little boy hunting -- and I'm! haha

  4. You made the best choice considering the alternatives...which is why we love Hotlanta...

    :) Love you!

  5. My husband is the grown up version of your little guy...he loves to sit in the deer stand but is definitely more the "gentleman farmer/hunter" than the redneck version. (Not that there's anything wrong with the redneck version...we know plenty of those great guys too!)

  6. hunt on little man, just make sure the meat doesn't go to waste. i love it! coming from a MS pageant girl until the age of 21, ole miss sorority girl and killer of a 10 point buck, anybody can be a deer hunter if they like the sport. lunch choice sounds like great travel food! hope all is well!

  7. Just found your blog... and Anniston is my hometown! Haven't been there in awhile, but am planning to visit for Christmas- good to know there is at least a TJ Maxx AND a Starbucks now. I might just survive the trip!



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