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Thank you for the small things ...

Or in this case large ones ...

Cuz I was about to flip my lid and send cases of lipstick in protest!

UPS will be sad to lose that business!



  1. THANK goodness. I was a little mad about the show being cancelled!

  2. Thanks for the info., you just made my day. I was bummed when I heard it was cancelled.

  3. Thank goodness...I was worried...
    I am one of those who DVRs commercials for me.

  4. ClemsonGirl sent me over to wish you some happy thoughts today! I think you did more for me though by posting this freakin' amazing good news!! I even had to post about it on my blog! Hope your little one's surgery goes well!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that. I was like "are you kidding?" "That ticks me off!" when I heard that on the news. I was all fired up. Just about all the shows I like get canceled.
    I'm still scared, I would like to hear it's going to continue from Jeff Zucker himself!
    Thank you for the update!



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