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The bubble burst ...

I had the most amazing day yesterday! Babycakes' best friend spent the night and they were picture perfect golden. They played, they sang, they colored ... they were so very good! I even took them to get my hair cut and they were awesome. I rewarded them with a trip to the candy store and then we headed to JCrew for some last minute gifts. It was perfect ...

After JCrew we walked over to Borders and got Little Mister some books for Christmas. It was another success. Lots of "yes ma'ams", bows, cute little outfits and perfect little smiles. I was happy as a clam.

That is until I am checking out at Borders and ordering a nonfat Latte at Seattle's Best. I am standing there with the two little cuties. The lady in front of me looks at them and then says to me ...

"so, were you trying for a boy?"

The birds stopped chirping and Snow White stopped singing ...

"excuse me?"

Is that EVER appropriate? Hell to the no ... and just because I am bloated and smiling with a glow does not make me or anyone else PREGNANT!!!

And your giggling with your friend in the corner whilst you get your coffee condom and lid does not make your conversation private and you any less tacky!!!

Cuz you suck!!!!!



  1. You are a much nicer person than me.

    I would have punched her in the ovaries.

  2. SEKURITY SEKURITY that girls got to go!! RUDE!! from Bon Qui Qui

  3. Well the nerve of that lady! Why is it that some people think that your life is not complete with one of each?

  4. I swear... the general public just does not surprise me any more. Rudeness everywhere. That's when I like to think karma will kick in... I bet she tripped in the parking lot and spilled that coffee all over her and her little friend too :)

  5. Oh Heaaallll no.
    You are most definitely a better woman than me.

    She would have gotten:
    "Is it tough being a female impersonator? You know with all that facial hair?"

  6. BEEEYYYOTCH! And not in a good way.

  7. Nice. Its even nicer when people ask you if your girls are "real sisters". WTF?? I also had an immature co-worker ask me if we were "sorry that we had spent all that money on adoption" only to get pregnant 5 months later.

    Why do people feel the need to get into your business? Makes no sense. Although I may just ask if that girl was actually older and named Nell? Cuz my MIL is dying for us to have another baby "so you can have a chance for Tripp to have his own boy". Sweet.

  8. What an absolute cow! Seriously I am amazed at how people like that are able to exist on a daily basis....

  9. That's not just tacky. It's rude and uncalled for!! The nerve of some people!

  10. Oh she wins the classless award for the week and maybe even the month of December!!!

  11. Excuse me?!? Oh hell no!! This Italian girl would not have had a nice response to that one!!

  12. WHATTTTTTTTT! Some people are unbelievable these days!

  13. You def kept in classy! Which is more than we can say for her. I had something similar happen to me when I was wearing a empire waist style was bad. Only the man who asked me when I was due was more upset at his mistake than I was.

    Mrs. Newlywed is right!

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