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The cover doesn't match the book ...

Isn't so funny how your first impression of people is never the reality? I do it all the time even though I really try not to judge. It is just too easy ... You look at someone and make a call about them or what their lives are like and then the more you get to know someone the bubble is burst and you realize they are not what you thought they were ... usually for the better!!!

It never occurred to me that people do it with my family as well. That is until this morning when Monogrammed Tahoe was venting about her life. She was commenting on Lawyer and how easy going, happy go lucky he was.

Seriously? My tight ass, grumpy husband looks easy going and laid back to others? Now that is just funny ...

... especially since I hear him screaming at someone on the phone upstairs and pacing ...

No ... Alex P. Keaton is anything but laid back and happy go lucky! But, he is brilliant, dedicated and will get you out of any mess you get in to your benefit ...

... that is what 4th in your class in law school will get you!



  1. Of course, sometimes first impressions are totally true.

    Like how I am really as fabulous and happy and put together as you orginally thought, right?


  2. That is too funny. People think my hubby is the worlds greatest and I want to say try to get him to finish a project!!!!!!!



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