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The holiday spirit ...

Stopped into Target tonight to grab a few extra things for the inlaws gift swap tomorrow. Some paper goods, a last minute gift and one more trip down the Bakugan aisle ... still a no go!

The place was packed and bustling with business. The Lucky Buck line was super long so I skipped out on getting a Latte. Just got my goods and headed out.

As I was leaving the store I heard a couple going over their shopping list. She was listing out the things they had left to pick up and he was standing there with a blank stare. She was getting more and more frustrated by the moment and he still just stood there. Just as I walked out the sliding door I heard her lose her cool.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like ... "just go and pick out a f***ing shirt!!"



  1. Now that's funny. And something that anyone who has been Christmas shopping with a non-responsive husband can appreciate. At least I can. :-)

  2. Ha, ha! I love Target ... and I especially love watching couples who have dragged one or the other for holiday shopping! LOL!

  3. I am busting laughing out loud!!! This is why I do ALL the shopping myself, ALONE!

  4. And I thought I didn't have the spirit! Thanks for posting this... I needed that chuckle more than I realized!!

  5. That's so sad that it's funny... I can understand the frustration. One time at the Radio City Christmas show we overheard a parent tell a disgruntled teen that he missed the whole @$#-#(#@ point of the show. Actually, I think they both missed the point. :)

  6. Ahhh...marital bliss during the holidays!

  7. Did you come across any Bakugan??? I may have some extra single balls....let me know!!!



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