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Tis the season ...

My uniform at the bus stop never changes ... pajama pants, t shirt (add in bra ofcourse), flip flops and coffee cup with steaming hot coffee. Every morning it is the same story!!!

Today was no exception ... just add in a little holiday flair (Nick & Nora red dog pjs) and a black down puffer vest for the 30 degree weather ...

Oh yes ... I rock it at the bus stop!!! All those years in fashion have made me a star!!

And what do you look like at 7:18 am in the driveway of your house ...



  1. Well, since I drop off at preschool at 7:15, I'm dressed and ready for the day! HOWEVER,that doesn't mean that at o'dark thirty I'm not rockin' the pjs and crocks to let the stinkin' dogs out!!! Thank goodness its too early for neighbors to see me! At least you get the coffee!!!

  2. My mom used to rock pajama pants and sweatshirts every morning with the cup of coffee. It was her bus stop uniform.

    She said it was because she didn't want to make the other moms jealous of how hot she was.

    Of course she didn't tell us that until we were older :)

  3. I am laughing so hard, because I too like to wear PJ's why change? I drive to school, but it is quite obvious I am not glammed at all, but I put on the Chnel glasses and girl it changes the whole look!!

  4. Same...always coffee, in a cute monogrammed travel mug...sub out the flips for UGGS though...oh how I miss Atlanta "winters"! POst some pics of your Christmas decor/wrapped gifts...I bet it all looks great!

  5. You're a better mom than me--I don't even go to the bus stop. I just watch from the window!

  6. Girlfriend, I have the Nick and Nora pink pjs with the sock monkey - LOVE 'EM! I know you rock your house at 7:18!!! Mine is a mix between work clothes part of the week and work-out clothes the other half! :)

  7. After 20 years at the bus stop, I can FINALLY sleep in!!! Don't tell anyone, but I do miss it!



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