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pajama day ...

Today is pajama day for the mommy! I am loving it, but the kids are not so pleased. Little Mister wanted to go ice skating and Little Lawyer wanted to go to Target to get Rockband. We have done neither. It is the quiet season around here when Lawyer does not go to work and I am loving the quality time. If I stay in pjs I can soak it up ... if I get dressed I will think of something I am supposed to do. I am headed for a shower and then into a clean pair of pjs. Seriously ... this is the life!
So, I have just one question for today ...

Why can't you get Mexican food delivered?


  1. Mr. O had to work yesterday, but the kids and I had pajama day. I think I hit the shower at 4p. One of my daughters can't get into PJ day; she has to get dressed before lunch. So, she was the only one that looked presentable for most of the day! LOL

  2. We are working off of the same thought today! I changed out of my pj's only because a friend was stopping by to drop my daughter off from a sleep over but I did nothing more than put on a raggity old pair of cutoff's and sweatshirt. I was decent but not pretty. :-)

  3. Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who showered and then put on a clean jammies today! Well, technically, yogal pants and a hooded tee - but basically jammies;) In Colorado - there are Mexican places that deliver....I miss them!

  4. Because Taquitos will stink up the delivery vehicle.

    hee hee hee

  5. Love your blog! Always makes me laugh!! And I am going on day 2 of PJ's :)

  6. We had pajama day here on Thursday - although I was the only one who stayed in my pj's. Works for me. Wonder when I can do it again?? We are in the land of mexican restaraunts and none deliver & I have never figured out why...

  7. I think I spent 4 days out of this vacation in my pj's. It's the only way I stay home and relax. Hope you find delivery!



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