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Thank the heavens ...

I have been searching all morning for my drivers license renewal form which arrived in the mail too long ago to mention. I REALLY did not want to stand in line with the scaries this morning and renew my license. After a long look I located the coveted form and renewed online. I am so thrilled I can not even express it in words!

The last question on the form was did I want to renew for 5 or 10 years ....

I chose 10 and then as I pushed submit on the form I began to think ...

I will now look the same on my license from 2004 (when I got the last photo taken) to 2019 ...

is that good or bad?



  1. Good for you! I had to renew my photo the past year and hate it.

  2. I know what you mean... The pic on my license - well it is very different from what I look like now. I am just NOT ready to stand in THAT line for hours to have a new pic made. Every time I fly and have to show the ID I think about it! Let me just say that I have "frosty" hair now, as opposed to dark brown/almost black on my license. . . so, you get the picture. {pardon the horrible pun; I promise it was an accident!}

  3. In SC we can use the same photo for eight years...I just had mine renewed and it was probably about time...people were beginning to look twice when I showed them my license.

  4. I say push it out as far as you can. I had my last photo taken in 1999 and I'm going to rock it as long as possible. Maybe on a dark night, you get pulled over your hotness from an old pic gets you by without a ticket? Maybe!



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