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Really ... that is my name?

Lawyers oldest friend sent us a very late Christmas card. They (as we all do) have lost touch over the past couple of years with the busyness of our everyday lives. He was thrilled to get it. They have been friends since elementary school. I was happy to see him so excited!

That was ... until I read the address on the front of the envelope. They addressed it as follows:

Alex P. and Pearl Keaton
Dude? WTH? Am I 80 years old? Pearl? Really? It is ok you can not remember my name ... but could you not have gone with Mr. and Mrs.? And it is 2009 ... use Or better yet ... just address it to him personally!
And somehow you settled on Pearl?


  1. Too funny! Maybe he was making an obtuse reference to your preppy nature! Lol

  2. Are you like Minnie Pearl with a price tag hanging off your hat?

  3. least they got the "P" right?!!?! but really Pearl - who is named that nowadays? Only obscure celeb babies or old ladies who give dusty headstone flowers as Christmas gifts!

  4. Our neighbor was marrying a woman who was, oddly, from our hometown which is about 90 miles away from where we currently live. She was a widow and she had been the choir director at my mother-in-law's church for years . They sent the wedding invitation to Mr. Hank Southern and COMPLETELY forgot about me! I KNOW she knew my name.

  5. I am so calling you that at dinner.

  6. Pearl?!? How do you even come up with that?



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