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Horoscopes ...

June Cleaver gave me a journal for my birthday with the horoscopes on the front. During her birthday lunch we had been discussing my horoscope. I knew I was a Capricorn but I had no idea what my horoscope would say about me. I am not a believer in reading or following horoscopes ... it contradicts my faith and my faith in God keeps me afloat!!

Fast forward to my birthday when she gifted me with the journal. I read what it said about Capricorns and then moved on. I must say it was accurate and that intrigued me.

Lawyer comes out of the water closet the other day and says to me ... "Hey, have you read the front of this book. Did you notice what it says about the kids?" That never occurred to me. Maybe it is my lack of free time or the fact I am not a big reader in the old WC.

I decided to check it out ...

Babycakes is a Virgo ... Serious, thoughtful, cautious, modest, studious and is most anxious to accumulate knowledge. Very active, desires wealth but finds it hard to save, quick tempered, but will arbitrate, fond of art and literature and language, hard to discourage but inclined to worry. Suitable occupation - Do well as merchants, especially those dealing in clothing. Dead on description!!

Little Mister is an Aries ... Determined, impulsive and ambitious, enterprising. They are fiery, dislike masters but are forgiving, quick witted, loves justice and freedom. They are enthusiastic, philosophical and persistent, at best at the head of things. Suitable occupations - teacher, builder or explorer. Pretty darn close, even the occupation is perfect ... he loves to collect rocks!

Little Lawyer is a Sagittarius ... Joyful, hopeful, generous and charitable, active and enterprising, persevering and self-reliant, outspoken, honest, strong willed, in speech they do not hint but shoot right at the mark, their prediction of any enterprise is generally correct. Suitable occupations - explorers, divines or lawyers. Seriously ... do they live in my house?

I must say it is very interesting ... I am now convinced when you are born definitely plays on your character ... at least it does in my house!


  1. I need to borrow that book! Maybe it would explain the crazies I live with!

  2. I think they are very true sometimes. I know I am a true Scorpio in many ways. I don't put much into that though, as I'm with you. I put more into my faith. Its fun to read though.

  3. Interesting...I am an Aries. Much of the description is dead on. I am a pharmacist, however.

  4. Watch out for the little Aries - we are also known to extremely stubborn and hardheaded. We are the ram after all haha. I agree with you about not really believing in horoscopes. It is easy to write a generalization and people will manage to read into it what they will. It is still very entertaining!

  5. I am constantly amazed by how much my little one matches the horoscope I read for him right before he was born. Spooky!
    I have to admit I don't comment very often, but I love your blog!



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