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Motherhood ... 24-7 ... are you man enough to try it?

Lawyer is a great husband. He knows he has a wife that will put up with his shenanagins. He knows better than to attack me as a mother and a wife. He would not stay home with the kids unless forced to ... he says they can smell fear! Our relationship works and we have our roles. He works really hard and worries about money 24/7 ... I get to take care of the rest.

I have friends who are not so lucky. They are married to selfish people. I do not understand selfish. How can you be married and a parent and be selfish? I can just see it now ... my child is puking and sick with fever and I say to them ... "just a moment, Mommy needs to shower, shave, have her coffee and run and then I will be back to help you". Motherhood does not work that way and we both know it is true. Is it the way they (selfish people) were raised or do they just think they are more important?

I have decided that we all are entitled to the perfect husband (PH)! Wouldn't we all love one?? What would you ask for? I would like my coffee made and brought to me in the morning, for you to offer me a snack or a meal when you are making one for yourself, my gas tank filled at all times, my car serviced when needed, the trash always taken out when needed, the kids disciplined when it is appropriate and most of all for my PH to realize that after a very long day of chasing kids, doing mundane chores, cleaning up the house and putting myself last that I may want a glass of wine, the laptop and a hot bath after a long day and the kids are tucked in bed.

That is all the things I will pass down to my boys. Honor your wives, realize they work hard and deserve a lot of praise. They like little post it notes telling them to have a great day. They like calls during the day for things other than "what's for dinner" and "did you get the drycleaning". They like to feel special. Be able to cook, clean and wash clothes to pitch in when she needs the help. Remember that she works just as hard as you and you would never want the person you work for to pop in and say ... "what do you do all day?" or "seriously .. I could do your job, its easy".

And most of all ... do not ever attack her! No woman wants to be put down! Ever! It is not kind nor is it manly!

Be a man ... and be kind to your wife!


  1. You are funny! I love this site. I hope you are having a great weekend. Visit some time

  2. This should be posted on our refrigerator!!

  3. Amen! I am at a loss sometimes. Seriously! What is he thinking?? We need to have an intervention....or pay someone to do it for us. But, well put! And, I am making sure my boys become fabulous husbands as well. Lets give her lots of happies this week!

  4. Very well put! I am one of those lucky girls who has an amazing hubby!! He takes such good care of me and our family.



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