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Tag ... I am it!

I was tagged by Preppy 101!!

This tag instructs the blogger to do the following:
Go to your pictures
Choose the 6th Folder
Choose the 6th picture in the Folder
Tag 6 Bloggers
My photo in the 6th folder is from this years' Christmas party. Three friends and I have a huge party for all of our friends the first Friday in December. We hire a band, make tons of food and all have an amazing time. This photo is of me and Hair Girl. She is adorable and amazing with hair!! She has given all the hosts (over the years) sassy wine glasses for different occassions, We all used them that evening. Mine is the Shopaholic. She is convinced it is perfect for me ... I am still in denial. This photo was taken early in the evening ... later that night I am pretty sure she was hanging with Paint Boy and has ended up in her current state of pregnant. The math works ...
I am just saying ...

I tag ... Mrs News Readin'

Misadventures of a Newlywed

Sippy Cups are for Chardonnay

Hair Girl

Monogrammed Tahoe

Muffy Martini



  1. Oh you are kind to think of me, but I do not post pictures, darling.

    My identity is top a secret agent :)

    You'll get to see me on Saturday, but consider yourself one of the lucky few.


  2. Love your blog! So fun.

    You should head over to my blog and enter a fun giveaway. xoxo KAG

  3. HO! HO! A tag! I will have to post this soon!



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