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Babycakes has never met a stranger ...

Seriously ... it is true! She strikes up conversations everywhere with people. She will ask their names and then even invite them over to our house. It is often when I pick her up from extended day at preschool she will say to me ... "I invited --- to come over this afternoon". Or my personal favorite is the preschool mom who calls me to tell me that Babycakes invited her child over to play and she is wondering what day will work for me ...

Yesterday we planned to go bowling. After our Saturday chores we were headed out to Cosmic bowl at the bowling alley. My kids love to bowl and Lawyer was on a league as a child. He can bowl!! Babycakes says he curtsies when he bowls ... if you say so!

Where was I? Oh yes ... while we were doing chores I developed a gas bubble in my ribcage. It has happened before so I know what to do ... lay on the heating pad, drink a soda and usually it will pass. Yesterday it persisted, I grew naseous and finally threw up. Yuck for me .. but then the gas bubble was gone and we were about our day.

We are bowling our second game and Babycakes has made friends with the little family to the right, a dad and two boys. The younger one, Matthew, and Babycakes have quite the conversation going and she is in full girl mode! The family is preparing to leave at the end of our second game and Babycakes has now struck up a conversation with the father. They are chit chatting and I hear her say ... "we were late because my mommy had gas!".

See ... those are the things we don't share with others!


  1. Classic..I love it..Kids share everything BUT just wait cause as they get older you get a list of what you can and can NOT say. Trust me the list of what you can NOT say is long. Pay back. Ha
    Loving following your blog.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes!! So embarrassing, but also, so cute!!

  3. Hilarious. lol. Bless her little heart. ;)

  4. Another reason to avoid bowling...let me add that to my list!

  5. Once again Babycakes has made my day! She is the cutest e-v-e-r!! Thank you pink clutch for sharing!!



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