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ok .. how do you do that?

Ok ... I know some of you have super cute blogs and I am working on mine ... here are some questions ...

How do you get a third column? You know stuff on both sides of the posts ...

How do you get a background that is not solid ... say for instance pink and white gingham?

Help me ... I am still trying to figure out my blackberry, finish my website and now design this blog to look less 2008 ...

and I need some help!!! So bring it on!!



  1. i have been trying to figure out the same thing! i am always blown away by how fabulous some blogs look!

  2. Paid Krystyn to do it for me!

    She is a lot less expensive than most coming in around $30.00ish.

    Well worth it.

  3. I am dying to know how to make my blog 3 columns as well. I have figured out how to get cute backgrounds through cutest blog on the block and other different sites that offer free cute backgrounds. I googled "free cute blog backgrounds" and there were several sites to look at. Good Luck!

  4. I can give you the website that I used to do my three columns. {I actually got this from PreppySouthernPrincess!} The website that I used {and I was able to do it!} was
    You just find the instructions for the template that you used when you created your blog, and you've got it. It did take a bit of time cause you are changing your html code. But the guy who writes it literally gives instructions step-by-step - every detail. I have given this site to a few other bloggers and they liked it. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to try to help you!! Good Luck!

  5. - free backgrounds, add-ons,linkies, blinkies, etc...look at my blog and see my cute and preppy background, free! ps- i think your blog looks great!

  6. If you choose a theme from blogger with 3'll have 3 columns.


  7. I get my backgrounds from thecutestblogontheblock.. they're free & cute. I also have a friend who can make all of your bloggy needs.

    Tell her I sent you..

  8. has some adorable backgrounds and they're very easy to use and free! That's where I got my background from!

    I have no clue how to get the 3rd column!

  9. I get my background from LeeLou's Blogs. There's a link on my site at the very top! I think all her latest designs all have 3 columns.
    There is no way I could do that on my own!



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