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Let's just donate him ...

Little Mister is home sick today. He is recovering from strep throat and needed one more day to heal before returning to school. He and Babycakes fought all morning long. They are usually best friends and can play for days ... but today was not good!!! I had a long list of things to do today and I was focused on getting them all done. I made my list ... put a movie in the DVD in the car and we headed out.

Our first stop was his elementary school. They have a donation box in the parking for clothes. I had a small bag of items to donate and so the school made the to do list.

As we drive in the parking lot the silence in the car is broken and he notices we are driving up to school ...

Little Mister: Why are we here? I thought I was still sick.
Me: You are still sick. I am making a donation to the box in the parking lot.
Babycakes: Cool ... we are dropping off Little Mister.
Me: Baby you can not donate your brother. We are donating clothes.
Babycakes: Oh snap!!

Gotta love it ... her solution for an annoying brother. Just donate him to another family! I never thought of it!



  1. Way too cute!! She's my kind of woman (or girlie!). I would've donated my brother too on certain days!!

  2. Fabulous idea for all little girls who think their brothers are annoying. :-) Soooo cute!!

  3. She thinks fast on her feet. - She will do just fine in life!!!!

  4. Too funny!!! I like the way kids think.



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