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My day ...

Woke up and then proceeded with the following:

Drink coffee
Call and make dr appt for Little Mister who is getting sicker by the day!
Drive to doctor
Sick visit with Dr. Handsome (I do adore him)
Make arrangements to take Little Mister to hospital for blood work and chest xray
Bought a shake for Little Mister from a very large woman named Peaches
Talk Little Mister out of the tree!
Proceed to hospital
Wait ... wait and wait some more
Call Lawyer to pick up Babycakes from June Cleavers (she has fever, sore throat and cough)
Chest xray
Blood work
Drive home - drop off Little Mister
Car pool
Pick up Babycakes
Head back to Dr. Handsome

wash ... rinse ... repeat ...

This day sucks!


  1. Let me guess...not an april fool's prank. Sorry for a crappy day and I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  2. Awww - sorry about all the sick kiddos! At least you're getting lots of quality time with Dr. Handsome :o)

  3. Sucks... sorry Little Mister isn't getting better. And I'm sure all this pollen isn't helping. Thinking of you!

  4. Busy busy busy, and not fun at all! Feel better soon!



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