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Commuication 101

Babycakes takes ballet on Tuesdays after school. It is the perfect situation. She finishes her day at preschool, eats lunch, changes into her tutu and heads to ballet. I pick her up two hours after school is done. Like I said ... perfect!!

They have a recital next Saturday. The ballet teacher has been preparing them for weeks and is now working on their costumes and the final details. She sends the girls home with their instructions. She does not send paperwork ... she just tells the girls what they need to tell us. Babycakes loves this. She feels completely in the know. She comes home and fills me in on all the details.

The first week she came home and told me they need white panties or no panties under their pink tights "with feet please" for their costumes. She promptly told me ... "Miss Becky does not want any tinkerbell panties sticking out the back of our tutus" ... she then told me that Miss Becky said that was tacky. Yes, my dear ... it is!

Last week she came home with instructions for their hair. "No front pony tails, no two pony tails, no barrettes, no headbands and no braids. A bun or just cut hair." Since we are sporting the stacked bob we will go with "just cut hair".

Last night I got more information. We need pink ballet shoes. "Not white, not black but pink to match my tights with feet please." Check. I will get right on that!

Thank goodness my child can remember to tell me the deets. Or else she might me sporting two pony tails with footless tights and High School Musical panties pooking out the back of her tutu with her white ballet slippers. What a fiasco that would be!

Just to be sure ... that would not happen. Mommy is too preppy for that crazy action!

Pinky swear!


  1. What I happen to find amusing is that this teacher thinks everyone will show up "perfect" on Saturday! I guess she has not learned instructions should be WRITTEN down for a preschooler. How ever I am sure hearing babycakes repeat the instructions has it's own humor:) Hope there are no tinkerbells peeking out!!:)

  2. Adorable! Beware of the dreaded 'front-ponytail' and 'two-ponytails' :)

  3. Too funny! I was just like your little babycakes- repeating everything my dance instructor said verbatim! Dance was my entire life and I would have died rather than have ugly panties show through my costume (or be placed in the back row!). Have a great time at the recital!! She'll be adorable, I'm sure!

  4. I miss these day with my "baby girl" who is 25 now :-) While your Baby Girl is smart and can communicate these details, I would love to hear what some of the others are telling their moms! You know the ones - the ones who never listen to anything or anybody! ;-)

  5. Ha ha - too cute. That's good she can remember those details! I could totally see one of them getting mixed up!

  6. impressive! she could teach most adults i know a few things about communicating!

  7. hahaha What a cute post!

    Basic ballet rules, which usually don't apply to little tots, are tights with feet, buns or cut hair (though some will allow a headband on short bobs), and no knickers under tights... luckily they gave you the white option! I used to teach dance and you've just made me miss it - the kids are soooo funny!

  8. This post brings back so many memories of ballet as a child! She will be sp precious!

    I never understood (even at age5) why some mother's let their daughters wear undies under their leotards. I always felt bad for those girls. Lol.

  9. I'm impressed, good with the details she is!!!

  10. Very cute! What a great attention to detail she has. And, what a trusting instructor to send verbal instructions!

  11. Babycakes sounds just like my Legare at that age (well, not the ballet and all the girly stuff) but definitely the attention to detail.

    Lorelai took tap and refused to participate in the recital because the costume had buttons on the front. She was four!

  12. Oh, this made me laugh out loud! She's a smart little cookie.
    But, what is a front ponytail? Sounds inappropriate all together.

  13. I can't even get parents to follow WRITTEN directions for my students. Kudos to you!



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