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Lawyer's closet overhaul ...

Yesterday I decided to tackle Lawyer's closet. It was down. right. scary! The man works a lot and usually comes home to sleep, change clothes and quickly regroup. That closet was his dumping ground!

All afternoon (and most of the evening) I was in that closet. I pulled out four large bags of items to donate, sorted and organized and made a list of must haves. Like I said ... sweet man works a lot and does not have time to shop for himself. Or ... atleast that is what he tells me.

Today I worked on the shopping list. We are spending the weekend in Hilton Head marketing and he needs to look sharp. So after spending the day gathering, exchanging and returning we are set for the spring and summer at the law office.

If you need some personal shopping done I am your girl. I can hunt down the goods ... pinky swear!

Today I gathered the following at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Nordstroms ...

One pair of Ralph Lauren khakis
Two pairs of Ralph Lauren khaki shorts
One pair of Ralph Lauren blue seersucker shorts
One pair of crab seersucker Vineyard Vines shorts
One pair of Izod pink seersucker shorts
Two Vineyard Vines polo shirts
Ralph Lauren belt
Lilly Pulitzer tie
and two pairs of shoes
His favorite? That would be the pink seersucker shorts! Paired with a white polo shirt, navy belt and flip flops.
Who could resist him?


  1. I cleaned out my closet about two weeks ago...looks great..

    My husbands is a war zone. He must have 75 pairs of pants "60 that are too small".

    it's bad...I have to mentally prepare myself for that one!

  2. Great wardrobe choices! My college boy would be all over that selection. Lawyer is a lucky man to have a wife who shops like you do! Have fun in Hilton Head.

  3. You are a better woman than I am - for sure.

  4. You are my hero! I need to clean my fiance's closet, but its so daunting!



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