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Happy Birthday Lawyer!!!

Today is Lawyer's birthday. He was up before we were and was showered, dressed and off to start his day at work. He has a meeting at 11 and then we are hoping he can cut out to spend the rest of his day with us. It stinks when you have to work on your birthday ...

We are planning dinner at his favorite barbeque restaurant. He loves their ribs and I am a big fan of the chopped portabello salad and chocolate chip banana pudding. Since the kids are out for Spring Break we can all catch a quick nap this afternoon and be ready to hang out when Daddy shows up! Since both Little Mister and Babycakes are recovering from illness I do not want anyone falling asleep during dinner! If by chance a legal emergency flares up (and they do!!) we will do take out and hang out here at the house.

After lunch with Hair Girl and her boys today the kids and I are headed to the Life is Good store to grab some last minute happies for Lawyer. We have already snatched up some shorts, new flip flops, DVDs, accessories for his blackberry and a large box of Whoppers!

Nothing says Happy Birthday Lawyer like a new DVD and a large box of Whoppers!

What is a legal emergency you ask? ... it could be anything ... the last emergency he responded to involved a concrete accident. The scaffolding broke and two men literally drowned in concrete. They are never good!


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! What do you guys have planned to do?

  2. Happy birthday to the Lawyer! Your celebration sounds wonderful!

  3. Happy, Happy to the Lawyer! I hope you all get to enjoy your day!

  4. what is it with lawyers and whoppers? They are Tripp's favorites as well. And don't even get me started on "legal emergencies". I mean, hello, I KNOW what an emergency is working in healthcare but a law emergency? Please...

  5. Happy Birthday me some Whoppers

  6. Hope the celebration was great!!!

  7. Okay, perhaps drowning in concrete is a law emergency as well! YIKES! Tripp is environmental (corporate) so the only emergencies he has are when someone calls needing something that they knew about for a week by tomorrow. I do not call that an emergency I call that poor planning but it is paying all the bills!



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